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Welcome to SAP Energy we provide Energy Performance Certificates / EPC for ANY building type including NEW and EXISTING, DOMESTIC and COMMERCIAL buildings in addition to SAP Calculations, U-value calculations and specific advice to ensure your compliance with Building Regulations Part L 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B.


We can provide you with a SAP EPC, RdSAP EPC or SBEM EPC PLUS all the documentation that you will need to ensure compliance with Building Regulations Part L, including Design-stage Predictive Energy Assessment (PEA), U-Value Calculations, SAP Calculations, Compliance Check-lists and Overheating Reports.

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INVOLVE US EARLY and we will work with you throughout your project and provide on-going advice on the options that you may want to consider in order to  ensure that compliance is acheived as

cost-effectively as possible.

Years of experience working with architects, developers, house builders, self builders and contractors has demonstrated to us time and time again that EARLY INVOLVEMENT in your project is critical in acheiving compliance as effectively and painlessly as possible and as Part L of the building regulations continue to get tighter this only becomes even more crucial. It is never too early to get us involved so please contact us or use the adjacent reply form to give us as much information about your project as soon as you can.

SAP EPC certificate


SAP Calculations / SAP Calcs are required for ALL NEW DWELLINGS (including 'change of use') and must be produced by an On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor (OCDEA or SAP Assessor) using the (FULL) SAP methodology and software (F-SAP).


Unlike EPC's for existing dwellings, a SAP EPC can be produced 'remotely' (without the need to visit site) from information supplied by the client at both the design stage and completion stage of the project. Initially a Predictive Energy Assessment report (PEA) is produced based upon the intended design criteria then the final SAP EPC is produced as part of the completion process to ensure that the design criteria have been met.


As the production of a SAP EPC for a NEW BUILD DWELLING is a multi-part process which will normally require on-going communication over a period of time and involve the calculation of thermal efficiencies of elements that may not have even been built, it is clearly a quite different process to producing an EPC for an existing building and requires specialist knowledge of :-

We provide Energy Assessments for :-



WHAT WE NEED FOR A SAP ASSESSMENT ... is a FULL SET OF PLANS including floors, elevations and site layout ... electrical specifications showing type and location of lighting ... SERVICES SPECIFICATIONS detailing space and water heating systems, ventillation and any low-carbon technologies (LZC) ... FULL CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS including any Accredited Construction Details (ACD) used.


You can send these to us electronically or in printed format and once receieved we will be in touch to discuss your project in specific detail.


Depending upon the build stage of your project, we will 'model' your project in our software and discuss any issues or improvements that you may want to consider before producing your PEA Report (predictive energy assessment), Compliance Report (building regs compliance), SAP and overheating reports and your On-Construction Energy Performance Certificate (SAP EPC) which will be lodged on the National Landmark register for England & Wales, Scotland or Nothern Ireland.


As part of our SAP Assessment, WE WILL PROVIDE ADVICE AND CONSULTATION throughout your project and SPECIFIC RECOMMENDATIONS concerning any opportunities or elements that may cause an issue with Building Control (BCB) whom we will communicate with directly (with your permission) to ensure that they receive all of the information required to finalise completion without delay. Naturally the earlier we are made aware of the details of your project the more helpful we can be in terms of providing cost effective advice.


In addition to calculating the U-Values for the Fabric of the dwelling we need to consider the efficiency of the HVAC services (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) and can offer you practical advice in ensuring that these contribute to the overall ratings rather than purely meeting minimum requirements.

SAP CALCULATIONS require us to consider a number of different elements of your design including:-


Fabric Energy Efficiency (DFEE/TFEE) which is a measure of how well the dwelling retains the enery it produces. A 'FABRIC FIRST' approach can often be the most cost effective way to acheive compliance.


Openings and Air Permeability can have a significant effect on SAP Calculations and early consideration of doors, windows and ACD's can pay dividends concerning SAP Ratings.


Heating Controls can be even more critical than the heating system itself on SAP Ratings so consider zoned heatings and weather compensators before the potentially more expensive route of Low and Zero Carbon technologies (LZC's).

It's not only NEW BUILD DWELLINGS that require SAP Assessment you will also require a SAP EPC for highly glazed EXTENSIONS, Barn CONVERSIONS, COMMERCIAL to DOMESTIC conversions and

SINGLE to MULTIPLE dwellings (flats & appartments).


Existing Domestic EPC and Commercial EPC are produced using software that relies on many 'assumed' values (RdSAP & SBEM) however there are instances when calculated U-Values can give a far more accurate and representitive calculation for the property.


ONLY SAP ASSESSORS  /  On Construction DEA's

are qualified to produce U-Value calculations.


SAP Energy are quaified and accredited :-



... so can provide Energy Performance Certificates for (virtually) ANY PROPERTY TYPE and have years of experience working with architects, designers, builders, contractors large and small on thousands of standard and not-so-standard developments across the UK. We are happy to share our knowledge and do what we can to ensure your projects easily acheives compliance however EARLY INVOLVEMENT is CRITICAL if we are to guide you in the most cost effective way.

Opening like windows & doors generally lose more energy than the surrounding building fabric however glazing can provide useful Solar Gains that can be used to compensate for the losses providing they do not cause summer overheating, we can ensure that an optimum balance is achieved to ensure compliance.

It's never too early to get us involved and we are happy to be as involved as you would like us to be and hope our experience a cross a range of building types will allow us to be of service no matter what your next project entails.




  ... so we can help you with what you have planned for tomorrow !

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