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We provide SAP EPC, SAP Calculations and SAP Reports for


& CHANGE OF USE projects.


This includes Part L Compliance Reports for


BRUKL Reports, U-value Calculations & DEC Certificates.


We supply EPC's (Energy Performance Certificates) for

Domestic & Residential properties, Commercial Shops &

Factories, Hotels & Student accommodation, Schools,

Hospitals & Libraries ... in fact we can provide an EPC

and compliance reports for ANY building type.


Fully accredited and certified DEA, NDEA, DEC & OCDEA

(SAP Assessors) providing all the documentation

required by Building Control in order to issue a

completion certificate for your project.



In addition to a FAST & RELIABLE service we can provide help & advice in order to ensure your project is fully compliant with Building Regulations Part L1A, L1B, L2A & L2B so that your projects runs smoothly from start to finish and we will coordinate with Building Control on your behalf to ensure your certificates are prepared promptly upon completion.


You can use this enquiry form to tell us a little about your project

and even attach drawings for us to take an initial look at.

Remember to include your contact information so that we can

come back to you if we have any additional questions about

your project or let you have our quotation for the work involved.


Once we receive your instruction to proceed we may require a

full set of drawings including plans, elevations and sections

if available in addition to your construction specifications and

information about the insulations and services that you have

or are planning to install.


You will need to tell us a little about your project such as if it


(change of use ... perhaps from a commercial to domestic property).

It would also be useful to have even a rough idea of where it is

located in case we need to arrange a site visit however SAP EPC,

SAP Calculations and SAP Reports are more often prepared from

plan meaning that we probably won't have to visit the property.


Depending upon the information provided we may ask you to

complete our SAP Questionnaire which ensures that we have

all of the information that we will require in order to complete the

SAP Assessment of your property.


Once we have all of the information required it typically takes

24-48 hours to complete your SAP Assessment and provide your

SAP EPC and/or SAP Calculations & SAP Reports which can be

sent to you directly and to your Building Control office if required.

Where a SAP EPC is produced it will be lodged on the National

EPC Register operated by Landmark on behalf of the Government.


Should there be an issues with compliance we will naturally

contact you straight away to discuss this with you and provide

cost-effective solutions that you may want to consider in order to

rectify the situation. Our objective is to ensure you are fully aware

of the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations and that

you achieve compliance with the minimal of fuss, delay or cost.







A SAP EPC provides an Energy Rating for your new dwelling but more importantly it ensures that the building achieves PART L of the Building Regulations (The Conservation of Fuel & Power) ... every new or modified building needs to acheive Part L of the Building Regulations to prove that it is energy efficient.


Your SAP EPC, SAP Calculations, SAP and Compliance Reports prove to your Building Control Officer that the building has complied with Part L so that they can issue you with a completion certificate for the building (without this you will not be able to live, sell, rent or do pretty much anything with the building so its critical that this is finalised upon completion).


A SAP EPC can only be provided by a qualified and accredited OCDEA (On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor

... also known as a SAP Assessor) and is required for all NEW domestic dwellings within the UK.





A SAP Assessment is the procedure undertaken by a SAP Assessor to produce your SAP EPC, this can either be a 'Design Stage' SAP assessment or an 'As Built Stage' SAP assessment.


A Design Stage SAP assessment is conducted BEFORE construction of a new dwelling to ensure that the building will pass building regulations once its completed and an As Built Stage SAP assessment is conducted upon completion.


Assuming there are only minor or no changes made to your original design your As Built Stage SAP assessment should be relatively quick and easy however any major deviations could result in costly retro-fit work should you fail to comply with Part L requirements so its advisable to check these with your SAP assessor as you go along.





Part L of the Building regulations concerns the 'Conservation of Fuel and Power' of buildings in the UK and sets minimum standards that need to be achieved to ensure they are energy efficient. There are minimum standards for fabric elements such as walls, floors, roofs, windows and doors in addition to minimum efficiency standards for heating and water heating systems, overall targets for fabric efficiency and total CO2 output. It can be quite complicated and achieving compliance as cost effectively as possible.



Building Regulations Part L 1A   -   concerns NEW Domestic dwellings (new build)


Building Regulations Part L 1B   -   concerns EXISTING Domestic dwellings (extensions & change of use)


Building Regulations Part L 2A   -   concerns NEW Commercial buildings (new build)


Building Regulations Part L 2B   -   concerns EXISTING Commercial buildings (extensions & change of use)






A BRUKL Report is required for New Commercial Buildings to ensure that they comply with Part L2A of the building regulations and can only be produced by a Level 4 Non Domestic Energy Assessor. They are also produced from plan both at the design stage and as built stage of a project. BRUKL stands for Building Regulations UK part L.






Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) measures the energy efficiency of a building and provides an energy efficiency rating reported on a scale from A (high efficiency) to G (low efficiency) and is required whenever a building is offered for sale or rental within the UK.


EPC's for existing domestic dwellings are produced using RdSAP software by a DEA (domestic energy assessor)


Commercial EPC's are produced in SBEM software by NDEA (non domestic energy assessor)


(Commercial EPC's for NEW commercial buildings or those with centalised HVAC require a Level 4 NDEA)


SAP EPC's are produced in SAP software by an OCDEA (on construction domestic energy assessor)


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